Why You Really Need A “Home On The Range” Website

Just about every business really needs a dedicated website with a URL that is owned and controlled by the business itself. It's the only way to insure that you can control your content, make your sales points and offer products or services to the marketplace in the way you want.

Let's Talk About Marketing Your Business Online

Let's say you feel attracted to a social site on which to market your business. Platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumbler
  • YouTube

You might be thinking that jumping on these platforms would be easy and free; and you would be right. There's just one major problem: You don't own those platforms!

If you build your beautiful, wonderful and successful online presence on someone else's platform, then you are building your financial future on sand. Or, more accurately, quicksand. It can all be destroyed at anytime, for any reason, or for no reason at all.

"Facebook just deleted my business account … for the second time!"

That was the headline. A plaintive cry for help or understanding. None came. Here's the bottom line from the author describing her descent into Facebook-business hell:

"I’ve tried to reach out to someone at Facebook. Anyone. I tried to send emails, I tried to find a phone number, I tried to fill the “online help” on their Facebook page. I either haven’t found how to reach them or if I did, I never got a reply from them. Never. When you try to get serious help, Facebook is a big black hole and all you are left with is confusion and frustration."

"What I learned when my Facebook business page was deleted without my consent"

John Nemo

"So, to recap: A Facebook Fan Page I spent several years (and thousands of dollars) building is suddenly gone, and it's unlikely I can do anything to get it back...Here's my point: You need to be extremely wary when building your online marketing platform on someone else's digital land. Thankfully, I've heeded this advice for years, always focusing on driving traffic to my website and building my email list whenever possible."


So, here's my point: Every one of the social media platforms can easily, and capriciously, knock your marketing legs out from under you there anytime they want. They own the digital real estate.

The best solution - at a minimum - is to own your own domain name, and own your own spot on a hosting platform. That's why my main focus is on my websites 1) edgarallenmarketing.us - and 2) edgarjallen.com and my mailing list. 

Then you can build your very own email list to be able to contact your list of followers anytime you wanted. Not collecting emails? Well, that's just one area to address. Pronto!

The next thing I'd suggest adding would be to have a list of customers and their cell phone numbers to be able to text messages to them (as a group). This idea would be perfect, for example, for a sushi restaurant. Devoted sushi fans really love fresh sushi! So, use a text messaging app or program to notify this group the minute the fresh sushi is all laid out!

Own your "Home On The Range" website where you can display your ideas anyway you want; then attempt to own and control your a business-to-customer communication media like email and text lists

There are other ways to use social media effectively in combination with the properties you own. We'll cover that in another post.

An internet marketing friend of mine, Fred Ferguson, created one of his great visuals to illustrate this concept with a "Just Sayin'" post:

Copyright 2021, Fred Ferguson / Used With Permission

To take a look at some of Fred's fantastic image creations here.