Work Together For More Traffic

If you're a hard-charging, independent business owner, you're used to doing a lot on your own. Like, maybe, attempting to generate enough traffic for your business? It's kind of a constant battle, isn't it?

Often, asking for help seems like a weakness to many. However, banding together with other like minded entrepreneurs who share common frustrations can improve the businesses and lives of everybody involved.

You Don't Always Need To Be The Lone Ranger

I mean, even the real "Lone Ranger" had Tonto, right?

You don't always have to go it alone. You know there are plenty of other marketers out there who need traffic to their online offers. They don't have to go it alone, either.

You can find a few who would want to have some help getting more traffic, too. Just hook up.

I know it's not as easy to do this as heading for a watering hole, having a few sarsaparillas, and hooking up with another marketer with whom you are simpatico.

If you follow comments on Facebook, for example, or in forums, you'll figure out pretty quickly which online people may be a good fit. In my case, I tend to avoid anybody on line who spews a lot of political, hard-core positions or statements. Just not a good match for any kind of partnership with me.

The "Informal" Traffic Club

The easiest - and, maybe, cheapest - way to start to get this concept rolling for you is just to work with a couple of online buddies to post each other's offers or content somewhere appropriate.

Y'all just have to make sure that each person's contribution to the group effort is about the same. You probably should also have a few firm guidelines regarding content - like no porn or other adult material (for example).

This is a good way to dip a toe into the traffic club water.

You Can Easily Jump To The "Big League"

There's a few commercial programs hitting the market that make it easy for people who don't even know each other to participate in a traffic club.

You'd be able to totally maximize your exposure with one of these Traffic Clubs.

These commercial clubs are able to bring a much larger group of people together - and get your offer or website a lot of traffic.

The Newest Traffic Club

There's a new Traffic Club on the block which just might be a great addition to your overall traffic plan. 

It's one I'm currently testing to see if all the kinks are worked out and to see how it works (if at all). If you have possible interest, you can check it out using the link below. Let me know what you think.

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