Get Some Traffic To Your Site

One thing is really basic in online marketing: you need traffic to your website to gain new customers. No eyeballs on your offers or web pages essentially means no sales or no new customers.

Somehow you've got to rustle up new visitors to your pages.

There are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic. Start with the basics; put your website URL on every piece of marketing material you have.

That means on brochures, business cards, flyers, and even counter cards. Show your website address absolutely everywhere.

Here's A Couple Of Big Tips For You

After you've plastered your website address everywhere you can, then you're going to have to develop a way to go out and entice people to come to your site.

Here's the first big tip: Pick a method of traffic generation and master it totally before you try any other method.

For example, my first traffic generation I tried was something called safelists. These are sites that allow you to send marketing emails to their membership. You either earn credits for mailing by reading other members emails or you pay for an upgrade so you can send emails without reading others' emails.

Everybody who joined the site before you has agreed to accept email from other members. Mailing to the members of the site is a "safe" activity. You won't run afoul of any general market email regulations. I'm a member of many of these sites and use them successfully in the online marketing or make money online niches.

Now that I've successfully mastered Safelists, it's time to add another traffic source. A good online friend of mine has announced his intention to master Twitter. So, I'm going to follow his lead and also learn to master Twitter as a means of communication, building an online community there, and figuring out how to get traffic to my offers and sites from that platform.

Here's the second big tip: Send all your traffic to a special offer - like a free eBook or video in exchange for an email address so the visitor can be added to your mailing list. Or invite them to participate in some kind of contest or sweepstakes.

Consider this - it's a tragedy to draw thousands of visitors to one of your web properties just to have them "bounce" away without adding value to you in exchange for your great website information. You won't know who any of the visitors are or how to market to them in the future. Wasted effort all around.

One of the great online marketers of recent times is Sean Mize. When he began his online marketing journey, he decided that all visitors to his web property would have to sign up for his email list to either get a nice gift or just to get access to his website. He built a huge email list just by that simple technique.

Thanks to a licensing arrangement, I've secured the rights to provide you with a exclusive, powerful, and complete audio training session by Sean called "Power List Building Intro 1."

To recap: You need to get traffic to your website. Your first task is to pick one traffic method and master it completely before adding other traffic techniques to your marketing. Finally, you must do everything possible to capture the names and email addresses of your visitors. Typically, you'll need to offer some type of gift or incentive to entice visitors to share their information with you.

This is only the first post on this subject. It's intended to lay out the big picture. There will be other posts that will delve into various paid and free traffic methods. Watch this space.

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