Don’t Throw A Bunch Of Pictures On Your Website And Call It A Great Gallery – Stories Sell Customers!

I've probably reviewed tens of thousands of residential remodeling contractors' websites. Most of the savvy operators post pictures of their finished projects in some kind of photo gallery on the site. That's normally it; just a bunch of pretty pictures.

Generally, they're often really nice photos. (Nobody posts crappy work photos.) But that's all they are.

Every home project represents an emotional journey for the homeowner. Often, a journey fraught with ups and downs. All the way until the final, lovely finished work.

But, the prospective new client doesn't know anything about that.

What's The Story Behind The Story?

Take a good look at the beautiful bathroom remodel shown above. Wouldn't it be nice to know the backstory? Things like:

  • What did it look like before the project started?
  • What did the homeowners want to accomplish with this work?
  • What materials were used and why were they chosen?
  • What are the comments and feelings of the homeowners when it was done?
  • How did it feel to watch it all come together?

And a million other questions. What's the real story here?

Now, take another gander at the image of horses at the top of this post. Aren't they magnificent?

So What's The Story Behind The Horses?

Let's sketch it out. These majestic and powerful creatures were rustled away from a famous breeder in the old West and taken to a remote canyon. They were just about to start losing muscle mass due to a lack of food provided by the rustlers.

Turns out the rustlers were all from the black-hearted Cavendish gang. The rescuers of the great horses were none other than The Lone Ranger and his trusted sidekick, Tonto.

The ranger and Tonto spirited the breeder's horses away from the bad guys and sent them on their way to a life of good living - with plenty of fresh water and feed.

So, these wonderful animals are now racing back to the good life!

Instead, what if the roan in the picture (third from right) was the daddy horse and the silver horse next to him was the mommy horse and they had just rescued their 4 adult "baby" horses from a pack of wolves? That changes things, right? Different emotions.

You Don't Have To Reveal Confidential Information

Don't post customers' names or addresses; or any kind of financial data. It could be just a short descriptive caption. Anything to provide the emotional context of the work. Tell the story. Entice people to feel invested in the work you do.

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