Common Sense Business Practices and Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Image: Annual National Western Stock Show Opening Cattle Drive, Denver, CO.

Our first question to potential clients is always about a desire to drive more money (cash!) into your bank account. Perhaps - like home remodeling-type contractors - you may have the capacity to take on more work and you can't seem to find those elusive new jobs. Maybe you operate a metal fabrication shop and the process of turning metal into money is just too slow now. So we explore the ways that we can help you drive more cash into your coffers! Cash is king!

Although there may be millions of great business ideas, there's only 3 different ways to drive more cash into your kitty. You can work on the three ways individually or, you can combine your efforts and increase your results from all three at once.

This is priority #1. In the world of digital marketing, a URL and a well developed website you own is the foundation of your online outreach and marketing. It's the place your customers can always count on finding you. 

This is priority #2. You may have the most stupendous, awe-inspiring website design in the universe, but as Richard Marx sang, "It Don't Mean Nothing" if nobody comes by to see it. There are plenty of ways to get people to come by and, hopefully, set a spell.