Don’t Throw A Bunch Of Pictures On Your Website And Call It A Great Gallery – Stories Sell Customers!

I’ve probably reviewed tens of thousands of residential remodeling contractors’ websites. Most of the savvy operators post pictures of their finished projects in some kind of photo gallery on the site. That’s normally it; just a bunch of pretty pictures. Generally, they’re often really nice photos. (Nobody posts crappy work photos.) But that’s all they … Read more

What Can We Learn In Real Life From The “Hot Gun”/”Cold Gun” Debacle On A Film Set?

You’ve probably read or seen reports about the fatal gun accident on the set of the movie-in-production “Rust.” If not, the actor getting ready to rehearse his scene is handed a gun he will use in the scene. The person who handed him the weapon announced it was a “cold gun.” The meaning of that … Read more

Looking For A New Sales Gig? Beware!

Maybe you’re disillusioned with your current position? Maybe you’ve gotten screwed by your company? Maybe your company screwed your client? There’s plenty of reasons to leave your current gig. But, don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire. Here’s the number one thing you’ll need to discover about a new place.Does The Thing You’re … Read more

Work Together For More Traffic

If you’re a hard-charging, independent business owner, you’re used to doing a lot on your own. Like, maybe, attempting to generate enough traffic for your business? It’s kind of a constant battle, isn’t it?Often, asking for help seems like a weakness to many. However, banding together with other like minded entrepreneurs who share common frustrations … Read more

3 Ways To Increase Your Cash

A Challenge Of Multiple Dimensions Although there may be millions of great business ideas, there’s only 3 different ways to drive more cash into your kitty. You can work on the three ways individually or, you can combine your efforts and increase your results from all three at once. Of course, you can always expand your potential … Read more